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Drawn to Water

As in most countries around the world many Vietnamese people are drawn to water to live, work and play.
The Red River Delta in the north and Mekong Delta in the south, with a long and varied coast line in between, dominate the tourist trail of Vietnam and offer an insight into the lives these people amongst some beautiful scenery.


Textures of Hanoi

Five weeks in Hanoi allowed me to cut through the visual noise of a very compact and layered city, look past the iconic ladies in conical hats, men with too much stuff on their bike, Uncle Ho and Phở bò and find glimpses of everyday life, rustic beauty and an interesting mix of old and new.


Thailand – Night Is The New Day

Thick smog (created mostly by the burning off of rice fields) and extreme heat made the shooting conditions in Thailand a bit tough. Luckily the streets come alive when the sun goes down with people shopping, eating, travelling and in the case of Khao San Road drinking “very strong cocktail”. The cities and towns were also lit up and decorated in preparation for Songkran – the Thai New Year / Water Festival.


Far From Home – India


Far From Home – India & Bahrain Exhibition

The images in this series were taken on a recent trip to Southern India and Bahrain. 

Immersed in these places far from home I was attracted to the quirkiness, colour and organised chaos of India and the contrast of this crazy, overpopulated country to the seemingly quiet life on the small island of Bahrain surrounded by a palette of beige.

Everything in India happens on the street and in your face, but in it’s own time and way, whereas most of life in Bahrain happens behind walls and closed doors.

In the end it was the simple, quiet scenes and moments around me I was drawn to which reflected the strange sense of calm I experienced once I had overcome the initial culture shock and perceived chaos of India and dug a little deeper in Bahrain.

Showing at Gallery Eight from Friday 22nd April to Thursday 12th May

This exhibition is a part of the Head On Photo Festival