East of Istanbul

After leaving the exciting urban landscape of Istanbul, the Black Sea and Anatolian regions of Turkey had some surprises in store. At first glance places such as Trabzon, Kars, Ani, Van and Cappadocia can appear a little drab, especially as winter grows near. But with a bit more time and closer inspection, I found the muted tones and dramatic skies of the vast open spaces and the way the light played on the baron and sometimes surreal landscapes intriguing and beautiful.


A Visual Feast in Istanbul

If you ask a local how they like Istanbul they will say they love it, but… there is always a but, a kind of qualifier of what it is actually like to live in the city. It is old, unkempt, and crowded they add, but I did not see this as a negative. The layers of apartment buildings, history, religion, and peeling paint combined with the strength and quirks of the community caught my imagination.
With this in mind, instead of sightseeing, I simply explored the city and it was the graphic nature of the urban landscape that consistently caught my eye.


Rajasthani Light

A month in northern India flew by as I found myself in varied states of bamboozlement. Landing in such a large and complex society, face to face with the mass of people and great extremes within it, was almost too much to take in.

Exploring the state of Rajasthan offered some relief. A late afternoon visit to the Amber Fort in Jaipur. Wandering through the almost deserted back lanes of Jaisalmer. A camel safari at the edge of the Thar Desert. All rare moments of personal space, allowing me to absorb and capture the beautiful desert light and tones.


Drawn to Water

As in most countries around the world many Vietnamese people are drawn to water to live, work and play.
The Red River Delta in the north and Mekong Delta in the south, with a long and varied coast line in between, dominate the tourist trail of Vietnam and offer an insight into the lives these people amongst some beautiful scenery.


Textures of Hanoi

Five weeks in Hanoi allowed me to cut through the visual noise of a very compact and layered city, look past the iconic ladies in conical hats, men with too much stuff on their bike, Uncle Ho and Phở bò and find glimpses of everyday life, rustic beauty and an interesting mix of old and new.