Far From Home – India & Bahrain Exhibition

The images in this series were taken on a recent trip to Southern India and Bahrain. 

Immersed in these places far from home I was attracted to the quirkiness, colour and organised chaos of India and the contrast of this crazy, overpopulated country to the seemingly quiet life on the small island of Bahrain surrounded by a palette of beige.

Everything in India happens on the street and in your face, but in it’s own time and way, whereas most of life in Bahrain happens behind walls and closed doors.

In the end it was the simple, quiet scenes and moments around me I was drawn to which reflected the strange sense of calm I experienced once I had overcome the initial culture shock and perceived chaos of India and dug a little deeper in Bahrain.

Showing at Gallery Eight from Friday 22nd April to Thursday 12th May

This exhibition is a part of the Head On Photo Festival

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